Project Details ︎︎︎


︎ Goal:
Design a cute and simple mobile app for tuning instruments.

Pichi-Pet is an instrument tuner for people who miss their tamagotchi. It is designed for fans of lo-fi beats, bedroom pop, and retro pixel art. Using design inspiration from digital pets for a cute and quirky take on a basic musician's tool.

︎ Tools:
Adoble Illustrator, Photoshop

The app uses the microphone to detect sound waves. The microphone picks up sounds as they are played. This is measured and displayed on a meter to help the user tune a string or note to it's intended pitch.

︎ Visual Style:
Purples and blues with warm sunset gradients.
Pixel font. Pixel sprite style assets inspired by games.

︎ UI Kit asset concepts:

︎ Final Mockup:

︎ Tagline:
“Digital pet or pitch perfect? Pichi-pet brings chill & nostalgic aesthetic fun into a functional guitar tuner. Tune an instrument on the go or in your room with just your phone!”

︎ Conclusion:
This project was completed for a UI design class. The prompt was to design a single-screen app using original assets. I chose to combine the functions of a guitar tuner with the interface of a digital pet. Peer feedback was positive and my classmates enjoyed my art style, but made suggestions that I implemented for the final mockup. It was not designed as a working prototype due to the nature of the audio features, but I would be interesting in returning to this concept because it was really fun to work on.