Project Details ︎︎︎

Dungeon Match

︎ Goals:
Design an app for connecting TTRPG players.

DungeonMatch works like a dating app, but instead of dating -- you match your characters to put together an adventuring party. Finding enough players for a tabletop game can be hard! And finding players that match your vibes? Even tougher. DungeonMatch aims to make that process itself fun. Great for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and many other tabletop adventure games.

︎ Tools:
Adoble Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma

The first function of the app is to create a profile for your characters. You can upload character images, write descriptions, and choose criteria to sort with.
The next function is to swipe through other users' profiles and decide who to match with.
After that, you can message other users to form a group. Grouped profiles show up as a team looking for additional members.
Lastly, once a team is complete with the desired number of members, users can message in a group chat and plan their game.

︎ Persona Development:
Sam, a college student who is new to tabletop gaming.
Blair, a 20 year old barista who recently moved states.
Nina, a 34 year old in Maryland who is an experienced player but doesn't have enough local friends interested in tabletop games.
Alek, a suburban dad who hasn't played since he was in high school. Now that his son has moved out, he's nostalgic for D&D and wants to connect with new people. He has a lot of new-found free time after work and wants to get back to some of his old hobbies in a fresh way.
They each play as characters that they create in games of their choosing, and need to connect to each other.

︎User Flow:

︎ Roadmap:
1.    My main goal is to connect people who are looking to play together. Connecting and playing games together gives people a sense of being part of a group and feeling less alone. Especially with niche interests, finding a group to fit in can be important.
2.    Provide a fun approach to making those connections by utilizing the dating app style format.
3.    Grow the community broader than the target market. A diverse pool of users makes for better matching.
4.    Grow the functions of the app to potentially/eventually include more content - like a character generator, avatar maker, or integration with other apps like DndBeyond, Discord, or Picrew.


︎ Visual Style:
Contemporary fantasy art. Simple layout with moody colors. soft purple and green over a dark background.

︎ Prototyping:

View on Figma: I tested the prototype with my classmates for a peer-reviewed assignment and applied feedback to simplify some of the elements.

︎ Tagline:
“Match with other TTRPG players to find the perfect party fit for your next gaming group!”